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*A hands-on crash course for homemade Fermentation & Pickling

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The ultimate app to learn from scratch and at your own pace.

  • 10 lessons with all the theory on veggie lactofermentation fundamentals.
  • 16 guided recipes, step by step, with alerts and notifications. In order of difficulty.
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Available now for iOS, macOS and Android!



We'll start with simple recipes and we'll end up making our own kimchi, aided by alerts and notifications. All the recipes are vegan or have a vegan option.
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Fill your fridge with homemade ferments and pickles

Delicious and healthy food that will add flavor and variety to your diet.

Take a look at some of the recipes we'll make during the course (no experience necessary, seriously):



All the fundamentals to learn about homemade fermentation. Also available in audio format.

Lesson index:

  1. Course introduction 6 min
  2. Why fermenting? 16 min
  3. Fermentation technique 22 min
  4. Pickling technique 12 min
  5. Hygiene and cleanliness 8 min
  6. Best practices 8 min
  7. Problem solving 9 min
  8. Recommended tools 11 min
  9. Fermentation decalog 9 min
  10. Bibliography and references 3 min
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This course, like our ferments, is alive! Here is the open roadmap for the app:

  1. Continuous lesson updates and additional content.
  2. New seasonal and extra recipes included in the course (up to 24 recipes).
  3. Newsletter service for FermentApp users.
  4. Optional expansion packs with new courses covering specific topics: koji, vinegars, milk, vegan cheeses, regional ferments and pickles, drinks...
  5. Collaborations with chefs and experts to cover new content tracks.
  6. User profile and community tools.
  7. Recipe customization to create your own variants.
  8. Personal cookbooks: create and publish your own recipes.
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Still have some doubts? Honestly, we think you'll love this app if...

  • You are new to fermenting and/or pickling.
  • You are curious about it but you are afraid of doing it wrong.
  • You have fermenting/pickling experience but you want to refresh your knowledge.
  • You want to try new recipes and stock your fridge with jars full of healthy and delicious veggies.
  • You are interested in supporting an indie company trying to develop a great product. You are the best!

Thank you for making this journey with us!